Sludge Water Treatment

Water treatment plant Sludge management is an emerging issue for many water treatment plants throughout Australia. Some of the issues include:

  • Potential treated water quality risk due pathogen recycling
  • Supernatant quality and its impact on plant performance
  • Plant efficiency
  • Increased operating costs for sludge treatment and disposal


Adat Water Company Limited has the extensive experience in the operation and optimization of sludge treatment plants. We have the following capability for the optimization of sludge treatment including:

  • Development sludge production mass balances and model
  • Optimisation of plant performance to minimise backwash water and sludge production
  • Capacity reviews of sludge handling systems
  • Bench-scale and full-scale plant sludge treatment optimization investigations
  • Development of chemical dosing configuration for the optimisation of sludge dewatering
  • Complete concept designs and process detail design for sludge handling plants
  • Preparation ¬†of technical specification for sludge handling plant upgrades